Saturday, May 30, 2009

Will You Help the CIA to Infiltrate the Progressive Blogosphere?

Don't be a fucking idiot!

Many of us have wondered what Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) learned at the CIA during his two year "training" period there. Well, now it's more clear than ever that his mission is to increase his influence and build "assets" in the "progressive" blogger community, the better to prevent blogging from getting out of control of the Government.

He says:
. . . there are far more more talented folks out there with great ideas and passion for building a broad-based, grassroots-centric progressive movement that toil in anonymity, or give up because of lack of assistance and acknowledgment. It's imperative that we harness that energy and continue infusing our movement with new talent, new ideas, new technologies, new strategies, and new tactics.

( . . . )

So we have teamed up with Bowers to wed his "Take Flight Microgrants" with our own efforts. The goals are two-fold -- provide seed grants to innovative progressives, and provide larger fellowships to those who show the most promise. In addition to the obvious financial benefits for recipients, we hope that our efforts help shine a spotlight on these talented political entrepreneurs and validate their efforts, encouraging them to persist rather than surrender discouraged.

A big difference from the past -- the Kos Fellowship Program is now a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that contributions are tax deductible. We are using the Tides Foundation Tides Center as our fiscal sponsor.

Kos Media, LLC, will support the project with annual grants approaching (or exceeding, if the economy cooperates) six-figures. However, our ability to support the most innovative among us will require a broader fundraising base.

You can contribute here. Remember, all contributions are tax deductible. Consider, if your financial situation allows, a recurring contribution. Even $5/month adds up.

Over the coming week, you'll be hearing more about this program -- about our plans, and about the people who have already been helped. Sure, this isn't as sexy as beating Republicans in an election, and times are tough, but it's an investment in the people that are making our movement grow. Please help out if you can. TheKos[CIA?]Fellowship

By starting or selecting one "state blog" in virtually every state, and getting virtually all of them blogging credentials at the Democratic National Convention in 2008 (all-white of course), the CIA-trained Moulitsas Zúñiga has already asserted a stranglehold over blogger access to the Democratic National Convention.

Now, he seems to want to make sure that every corner of the "progressive" blogosphere has at least one asset who owes his livelihood to MAMZ and works, perhaps, and perhaps unintentionally, and indirectly for the US Central Intelligence Agency. For the privilege of being infiltrated by the Government, we are supposed to make donations. That's rich!

I wonder how much money MAMZ family member Carlos Alberto Delgado Zúñiga will be contributing to this enterprise, giving back to America after the Overseas Private Investment Council gave him a million dollars in loan guarantees?

It all makes sense, really. Why should the Government pay for spying on bloggers when there are unwitting and uncritical "progressives" willing to donate money to the CIA-sponsored blog corps? Or maybe the Government will explain the provenance of the money MAMZ distributes by saying that it comes from donations? It's hard to know for certain.

What is certain is that someone who trained at the CIA for two years is now mostly likely using that training to infiltrate the American left's bloggers, assuring that the newfound ability to unite nationally and internationally will not result in national international movements that the Government cannot control.

Look at Jack and Jill Politics, for example: Jack and Jill Politics participates in the secretive Townhouse Group of MAMZ-infiltrated bloggers (take my word for it), and is also receiving an award today from Living Liberally, which is sponsored in part by DailyKos, whose owner was trained for two years by the CIA. Perhaps Jack and Jill Politics doesn't know that this constitutes a clear and present risk of infiltration of the Black blog world by the CIA, but I think it does. I'm SURE it does.

If you want to work for the CIA, or become a CIA asset, there is no better way to get started than by applying for one of these KOS[CIA?]Fellowships. Even if the money isn't coming directly from the CIA, certainly a man like MAMZ, who was at the CIA headquarters in Washington, DC for two years, will have plenty of contacts to get you started as a CIA agent or asset. As he said in an interview at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on June 2, 2006, he "went to the end of the process" of being trained to be an undercover agent; he thinks the CIA's "hearts are in the right place"; and he "would have no trouble working for them today". So maybe he DOES work for them today, and maybe he can help you get a job there or at least some indirect CIA support for your blogging.

You, too, can be a blogger mentored and taken under the wing of the CIA.

Of course, some people who are also CIA assets or who are simply imbeciles will insist that MAMZ might have changed since he was trained by the CIA. Even if that were so, training at the CIA is like going to law school: You never forget the tricks you learned there, and you can use them in any profession. Even blogging.

As truthout has said in his YouTube videos about MAMZ: "Once CIA, Always CIA".

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